A diverse portfolio of topics requires experts from various different fields.


Nina Beyrl, MA

„Successful is who makes others successful"

  • Service and Process Quality
  • Leadership
  • Personality
  • Human Resources

Elisabeth Brenner

„Things are much easier with a positive attitude.“

  • Telephone Training
  • Complaints Management
  • Active Sales in the Hotel Industry
  • Dealing with guests

Michaela Dattinger, MA

„authentic, emphatic, unconventional… that´s me – and I do all my trainings, coachings and consultations with these characteristics in mind.“

  • Service and Quality Control
  • Employee Motivation and Development
  • Organisational and Team Development

Julia Stelzl, MA

„You have to take things as they come, but you also have to ensure that they come the way you want to take them."

  • Employer Branding
  • Online Marketing Strategies and Customer Engagement

Ute Zischinsky

„Economic success is based on Customer/Guest Satisfaction in connection with a fulfilling work-life balance of both businesses and individuals.“

  • Communication, Sales and Complaints management
  • Staff Tutoring and Team Building
  • Coaching & Training of Personality Development and Health Support
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