A diverse portfolio of topics requires experts from various different fields.


Nina Beyrl, MA

„Successful is who makes others successful"

  • Service and Process Quality
  • Leadership
  • Personality
  • Human Resources

Elisabeth Brenner

„Things are much easier with a positive attitude.“

  • Telephone Training
  • Complaints Management
  • Active Sales in the Hotel Industry
  • Dealing with guests

Michaela Dattinger, MA

„authentic, emphatic, unconventional… that´s me – and I do all my trainings, coachings and consultations with these characteristics in mind.“

  • Service and Quality Control
  • Employee Motivation and Development
  • Organisational and Team Development

Martina Plonner

„Treat people as if they were what they should be and help them to become what they could be."

  • Management Issues
  • Personality Development
  • Self-Marketing
  • Organisational and Team Development

Ute Zischinsky

„Economic success is based on Customer/Guest Satisfaction in connection with a fulfilling work-life balance of both businesses and individuals.“

  • Communication, Sales and Complaints management
  • Staff Tutoring and Team Building
  • Coaching & Training of Personality Development and Health Support
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